Quarantine Day 12

By Noeme Grace C Tabor-Farjani

“What is home quarantine? This is the voluntary “home isolation” of individuals, without signs and symptoms, who came from COVID-affected countries for the past 14 days.”
Bureau of Quarantine, Philippine Department of Health

beer, window seat / at dusk, open sea breeze,
peach and purple sky, / the 80s playing by

a lifetime ago, / i said some hellos
and some goodbyes, / nothing mattered now
they’re all online, / but the smoke rings
and i’m getting high / i hear friends laugh
some whisper / i shrugged
unbothered, / was fine,
was warm, i say / now there is only
you and the chill / running cold through
my throat, / i wasn’t any
man’s wife, / you reminded me

this was / the life

Learn more about Noeme Grace in her bio on the Featured Author page.

Published by HLWW Featured Author

Featured Author of the Heartland Society of Women Writers

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