Sweaty Summer Bodies

By Ann McGriffin Each unmistakable odor unique to us all…what we ate for dinner the night before,garden onions, freshly butchered beef, strong sweet tea,an absent morning shower,it all oozes from our pores.Whispering our private novelit mingles together beside the Linton pool. Happy to escape from Mother’s gaze.Dirty words create an imagined worldof grown-ups with cigarettesContinue reading “Sweaty Summer Bodies”


By Leslie MacGillivray My inability to drown out the overwhelming authority of my inner voice has enabled it to have a choke hold around my words for most of my life.  I thought it simply must be a character trait of being a woman it certainly has been a necessity for being seen as a good daughter. A protection against thoseContinue reading “insecurities”

70th Birthday

By Bonnie Maurer Wave after wavewe leap crashing surf,let our bodies flap and flailand swallow the sea—allbut swallowed by the sea—studentsto frothing power. At 70, 10 or 21,we can know our lessons well, tossedsideways like the moon snail.You and I sit together, my love, and watch the ocean. May the percussionof wind and water never cease.Continue reading “70th Birthday”


CW: mental illness By Jazmine M. Lampley The bed creaks as she tosses and turns. The pillows, though supposed to be fluffy and comforting, leave her head as if she is laying on bricks. Her own body is something she can’t rest in, skin prickling and crawling though nothing is there. She bats away theContinue reading “dissonance”

In Response to Myself in the Garden While Dwelling in Grief

CW: If you’re Christian, the poem is heretical. By Keira Perkins I am the god of small things.I am the god of slugs,And spiders,And bees.I rescue those that creep in the dirt from steel bladesI lift those that scuttle from deep and impassable watersAnd those that pierce my skin and draw my blood, live.They live.IContinue reading “In Response to Myself in the Garden While Dwelling in Grief”


TW: PTSD related to anti-black racism By Kerry Jo Bell I feel unsafeIsn’t that every black woman’s woeEvery time she opens the doorAnd enters this mediocre white mans worldThey deserve to be in a cageYet they roam the streetsIn their white sheetsDisguises as police uniforms Black. Woman. AngryThe holy trinityMakes me scaryBecause I embrace allContinue reading “Unsafe”

the flamed mermaid

By Michelle Rochniak the flaky bones of ocean monsters’ preysift through the currents to my doorstep.the firewood of the merpeople village burns:opal-toned marrow ash. they said fire girls can’t have scaly tails;when i flap my flukes at the sun,their cerulean turns scarlet. it’s funny how scorpio soundslike a fire sign. i collect the bonesto earnContinue reading “the flamed mermaid”

What is the Body but an Instrument?

*CW: mentions of self-harm and death By T.C. Anderson How long would it take to scratch my skin until I began to feel bone,to pluck the tendons like guitar strings andhear my body’s sweet melodies?For what is the body but an instrument of destruction and chaos,a tool to inflict its misery on the worldwith hopeContinue reading “What is the Body but an Instrument?”