Someone Else’s Turn

By Erica Lee Smith It’s not eavesdropping if other people’s words find their way to you when you’re just minding your own business. At least that’s what she tells herself, as she stands by the open window above the kitchen sink, inhaling the fragrance of day lilies that she had cut earlier that morning andContinue reading “Someone Else’s Turn”

the flamed mermaid

By Michelle Rochniak the flaky bones of ocean monsters’ preysift through the currents to my doorstep.the firewood of the merpeople village burns:opal-toned marrow ash. they said fire girls can’t have scaly tails;when i flap my flukes at the sun,their cerulean turns scarlet. it’s funny how scorpio soundslike a fire sign. i collect the bonesto earnContinue reading “the flamed mermaid”

To Love a Body

CW: Sexual situations, birth trauma, some discussion of disordered eating and diet By Julia Nusbaum Now In the half dark of my bedroom, I dig for the leggings and sweatshirt I discarded last night. This is my uniform now, leggings that haven’t been laundered in a week and a shirt with spills and stains IContinue reading “To Love a Body”


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