Three Lucky Limericks

CW: language By Tiffany Shull Peterson I once wrote a poem about luckBut I found myself feeling stuckThe words they would not flowThe deadline did loom thoughAnd that is why this poem will suck There once was a doggo named LuckWhose owner did not give a fuckIf he ran ‘round the townLifting his leg likeContinue reading “Three Lucky Limericks”

Desert Oasis

By Kaitlynn McShea March, 1955 The small town was tucked away into the rolling desert landscape. Dirt storms were more common than rain showers, and water was a more valued possession than gold. That’s what the three hundred residents had been told for generations, at least. The gold rush had come to their doorstep andContinue reading “Desert Oasis”

I Used To Be One Of Them and Look Where I Am Now

By Lynne Schmidt CW: Abortion They arrive before I do,signs plastered on the lawn,dressed for Sunday church and force fed sacrament. They tell each other their handsare cleaner than mine,but I used to drink that wine, too. We park our carand I forget how the handle works.My friend puts her arms around meas they scream atContinue reading “I Used To Be One Of Them and Look Where I Am Now”


By Shiksha Dheda *Content Warning: This piece discusses menstruation, body image, mental illness, OCD, and blood. I hate the colour red. Loud, lively– promiscuous. The stains I tried to hide-warmth trickling down mythick trembling thighs- my body literallychewing itself-spitting itself out of my vagina. Like a thick phlegm ballwhen you have a nasty cold. TheContinue reading “Red”

Etched Permanence

By Paige Wyatt TW: this piece discusses body dysmorphia Self-love is a concept that seems to permeate every marketable product or service these days. It feels insincere, overdone, and completely tone-deaf to people that look like me. Love myself, in this economy? With this body? The mirror shows me someone the world says is ugly.Continue reading “Etched Permanence”

A Lion’s Love

By Kaitlynn McShea When Laura Henderson was eleven, her father came home with a lion. It was a California summer day, and blistering, stunning heat filtered through the front door. Laura remembered it being out of character for him: he never came in through the front door, he never came home before nine, and heContinue reading “A Lion’s Love”

From Root to Rhizome

By Angela Acosta Like a plant, I seek to be rooted,watered and nurtured in optimal soil,looking skyward in comfortable seventy-degree weather,I imagine a tulip bulb burrowing into its own possibility. Finding a place for all of me is a tough task,so I settle for parts, points of connections,looking for other Latinas, other multiethnic poets,the onesContinue reading “From Root to Rhizome”

A Stroll Through the Fruit and Veg Section

By Carys Crossen The week the pregnancy test displayed two blue lines Elise’s baby was the size of a sesame seed.  Two weeks later, it was the size of a blueberry, according to the pregnancy website she had started checking compulsively. Another fortnight later and it had the same dimensions as a grape.  Elise wonderedContinue reading “A Stroll Through the Fruit and Veg Section”

Wild Gardens

By Hunter Liguore Slowing down time never seems more needed as when we emerge from the cold months and face a new season. All the seasons have a way of acting as checkpoints, the metamorphosing landscape deliberately reminding us of what we’ve done well and what we’ve failed to manifest. It is generally what weContinue reading “Wild Gardens”