Sweaty Summer Bodies

By Ann McGriffin Each unmistakable odor unique to us all…what we ate for dinner the night before,garden onions, freshly butchered beef, strong sweet tea,an absent morning shower,it all oozes from our pores.Whispering our private novelit mingles together beside the Linton pool. Happy to escape from Mother’s gaze.Dirty words create an imagined worldof grown-ups with cigarettesContinue reading “Sweaty Summer Bodies”


By Billie Daddario Zephyr winds cause pines and aspen to dance Bright hot sun lay languid shadows on rocks A woodpecker and an owl fracture errant solitude Reptile sunning myself against warm smooth granite A million years of ephemeral contractions  Decay becomes fodder becomes decay Exhale creation  Excellence, perfection, flawless  Summer Learn more about BillieContinue reading “Zephyr”