Feature: Becca Downs

Caged-Tiger the Tide Pools Early Taboos Learn more about Becca in her bio on our Featured Authors page.

Ma’s Nightgown

By Elizabeth Janczyk Long nightdress, loosely hung. Soft red flannel, slept in and worn out. Floating over tired bare feet, puttering across the cool kitchen tiles. Patio lounger with reheated black coffee, and Sunday’s paper, scattered. Morning sun warms plaid fabric sleeves against aging, freckled skin. The same faded sleeves I clung to After aContinue reading “Ma’s Nightgown”

Watering Hole

When we enter the ephemeral  Nail salon, we are struck By her naked, acrylic nails, tapping against the glass. Another: her pantyhose hugs against her folds,  Slicked up with sink water as Taught by her mother’s mother’s mother. On another, mouth slightly agape, she naps  While her feet Are scrubbed raw of their histories. YetContinue reading “Watering Hole”


By Billie Daddario Zephyr winds cause pines and aspen to dance Bright hot sun lay languid shadows on rocks A woodpecker and an owl fracture errant solitude Reptile sunning myself against warm smooth granite A million years of ephemeral contractions  Decay becomes fodder becomes decay Exhale creation  Excellence, perfection, flawless  Summer Learn more about BillieContinue reading “Zephyr”

Weathering Her Storm

By Bethan Rees Her hair is loose around her shoulders. Unbrushed and unblushed, she is new. * She hugs herself, squeezing tears from her chest and arms. She steps through the puddle of herself, kneels and cries into the reflection. * Through the cracks in the pavement water nourishes earth below the foundations. * NothingContinue reading “Weathering Her Storm”