To Love a Body

CW: Sexual situations, birth trauma, some discussion of disordered eating and diet By Julia Nusbaum Now In the half dark of my bedroom, I dig for the leggings and sweatshirt I discarded last night. This is my uniform now, leggings that haven’t been laundered in a week and a shirt with spills and stains IContinue reading “To Love a Body”

Op-Ed: Birth is not always love at first sight, and that’s OK.

By Tiffany Shull Peterson In broad terms, we’ve all heard that when you become a mother, you are filled with overwhelming, undeniable joy at the arrival of your new baby. To hear it described, it would seem as though a glowing blanket of pure adoration is draped over you and your small family as youContinue reading “Op-Ed: Birth is not always love at first sight, and that’s OK.”

Ma’s Nightgown

By Elizabeth Janczyk Long nightdress, loosely hung. Soft red flannel, slept in and worn out. Floating over tired bare feet, puttering across the cool kitchen tiles. Patio lounger with reheated black coffee, and Sunday’s paper, scattered. Morning sun warms plaid fabric sleeves against aging, freckled skin. The same faded sleeves I clung to After aContinue reading “Ma’s Nightgown”