destined repetition

By Gabrielle Hamel TW: Sexual assault a young woman, frail and fragile, presses her palms into the frame of a vanityvanity – to love oneself or to lose oneself? if she is not her own, whose is she?she inhales sharply.  a stranger tugs intently at the back of a corset designed to minimize – toContinue reading “destined repetition”

Street Scuzz

By Paige Wyatt I consecrate the sidewalk outside the Circuit Board with my stomach contents, adding to the legendary bodily fluids that have been spilled before me.  Sonny, my producer, watches me, his dark-lined eyes fixating on where I ralphed. He knows I’m scared, and in classic Sonny fashion, he tries to distract me.“Hey Scuzz,Continue reading “Street Scuzz”

The Devil Walks in Devon

By Tiffany Shull Peterson “Mama, I saw the Devil.”  My tired eyes turned from the flickering fire and rested on Eliza’s round, red cheeks pulled flat by a frown. Gentle curls framed her concerned face as she stared back at me. “Another bad dream, love?” My question was met with a defiant deepening of herContinue reading “The Devil Walks in Devon”

The Talkies

By Kaitlynn McShea November, 1927: Hollywood Colleen Adams grew up believing in nothing. From Santa Claus to God, she knew falsities better than a con artist. The one truth she held to her chest from the time she could speak was that she would be a star. The only problem was her wide, blue eyesContinue reading “The Talkies”