Three Card Spread

The first tarot card Petra drew was the three of wands. The dark tent, lit only by candles dripping with black wax, was like being trapped under a thick blanket. She inhaled incense with every breath, the tangy orange and patchouli notes adding to the weight of being here. But she needed answers. She’d comeContinue reading “Three Card Spread”

Where the Veil is Thin

Marley didn’t believe in ghosts.  Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She believed in ghosts in the figurative sense, like mistakes that come back to haunt you or people from your past that hold you back. But literal ghosts like those that slam doors or possess cursed objects, well, those didn’t exist.  But there was somethingContinue reading “Where the Veil is Thin”

When the Sky Falls

“None of it matters!” she screamed, filling my tiny attic bedroom with her frantic voice. Instinct told me to shush her so as not to disturb my family in the house below, but I refrained. Today was not any other day. Spreading her thin arms wide, and her face contorting with anger, she yelled “Don’tContinue reading “When the Sky Falls”