Sweaty Summer Bodies

By Ann McGriffin Each unmistakable odor unique to us all…what we ate for dinner the night before,garden onions, freshly butchered beef, strong sweet tea,an absent morning shower,it all oozes from our pores.Whispering our private novelit mingles together beside the Linton pool. Happy to escape from Mother’s gaze.Dirty words create an imagined worldof grown-ups with cigarettesContinue reading “Sweaty Summer Bodies”

At the End of the Earth

CW: discussions of drowning, ambiguous discussion of parental death By Beck Morawski It’s one of those fall nights where the weather’s downright ungainly.  It’s all lopsided, growing into the chill, not quite ready to give up the weight of summer but still punctuating evenings with thick fog and brittle salt-air wind.  You like nights likeContinue reading “At the End of the Earth”

The Basin

By Cheney M. Luttich We were buried in Wyoming.  My home state of Nebraska and its flat ocean of grass was a day behind.  The pictures passing my backseat window were a rumpled assortment of hills and juvenile cliffs piercing the earth’s epidermis, not yet mature enough to join the rank of Colorado’s Rockies.  TheContinue reading “The Basin”

Jordan Yeng

Jordan Yeng felt most awake when his consciousness faded and sleep claimed him. It was the promise of these nightly adventures that kept him going most days. By day, Jordan was scrawny, generally disliked, and often disappointing. Grandmother Yeng, with whom he and his mother lived, frequently remarked that his clumsiness and poor grades wereContinue reading “Jordan Yeng”


By Rachael Llewellyn TW: Abuse Graduation  2015 On the morning of her graduation, Moira was woken up by her housemate, Gretchen, fighting with her mum about shoes. The build-up to graduation had mostly consisted of Gretchen hyperventilating about all the ways in which her mum could potentially embarrass her. “You’re so lucky you don’t needContinue reading “Slapped”