The Regulars

The Primrose Hotel doesn’t really have regulars. When I waited tables at the Grub N’ Grab, we had at least ten people who would eat there each day, or each week, or on some schedule you could depend on. But that doesn’t happen at the Primrose. First of all, it’s probably the location. We aren’tContinue reading “The Regulars”

Claws and Teeth

Claws are for scratching. Teeth are for biting. Forked tongues are for smelling.  . Deep breath in. Shaking breath out. Repeat. — Sometimes it was a hotel, sometimes a hostel, but tonight it was a roadside motel somewhere on the northeastern coastline. Salty air had disfigured the once vibrant 1970-something paint. The sleepy clerk hadContinue reading “Claws and Teeth”