The Lock Maker’s Daughter

By Paige Wyatt Momma threads secrets into our hair. Tiny iron skeleton keys are tucked away behind our dark tufts, behind our ears and at the back of our heads. She tells us they are the keys to her heart, the keys to a part of herself that only we will ever possess, and itContinue reading “The Lock Maker’s Daughter”


By Tiffany Shull-Peterson Drawn in, deeperTo the unknown eyeThoughts unspoken, steep in feelings unacknowledged Dive down, withinTo the dark pools thereWounds packed up, stacked for moving day unscheduled Drown now, beneathToo heavy to swimKeeping secrets on a leash, submerged and quiet

The Almanac

By Kaitlynn McShea Grandma Frenchy set the teakettle on her small stove. Everything about the apartment was small: the ceiling, the hallway, the rooms, the counters. It was small because it was subsidized, and it was subsidized because Grandma Frenchy was dying. Not the quick, painless death her son had acquiesced to, a heart attackContinue reading “The Almanac”