The End of Time

By Kaitlynn McShea The End of Time Time was ending. The Earth cleared itself by flooding coasts and burning trees, by spreading disease and withholding rain. Gradually, creatures started dying. The Earth had killed creatures intentionally and without sorrow for many millennia. It was Earth’s nature, after all. It created and destroyed, because that wasContinue reading “The End of Time”

A Sign of Life

By Paige Wyatt The most important rule in the Hermès V handbook is this: answer every alarm. Check every receiver. The Signal is the most vital mission on the space station, and everything else, even life support, is secondary.  I live and die by the alarm.  I jog the same corridor as my ancestors. MenContinue reading “A Sign of Life”

Observation Report

“Observe. Do not interfere. Under no circumstances is it acceptable or necessary to interfere with the happenings on Planet X-7984.” -Excerpt from the Project Watership Standard Operations Protocol Manual Personal Observation Log of R.A. 562: Revolution 11,132 This was not so difficult for me when I first began this assignment. Back then I was youngContinue reading “Observation Report”

True Believers

The mic was on and the producer began the countdown, “5…4…” Xoen nodded to indicate he was ready, “2…1…” the producer pointed to him and mouthed “We’re live!” Xoen took a quick breath, leaned into the mic, and began in his well practiced tone. “Hey out there all you True Believers! It’s just after darkContinue reading “True Believers”