My Deepest Darkest Secret

By Anne H. Putnam CW: Mention of cutting and other emotional distress; swearing “What’s…your…deepest…darkest…secret?” The tall, slender blonde was slowly making her way around the small yoga studio, padding silently in bare feet, her leggings pulled halfway down each foot in a style that mimicked the way ‘cute’ girls would keep their hands in theContinue reading “My Deepest Darkest Secret”

The Late Hour

By Marjie Giffin The Late Hour arrives early it seems and pits meagainst the digital clock face that dares me to defy its logic.Defy it I must, for there are no hoursfor my own doings and yearningsunless I scavenge them from theriff-raff moments of the end of day. I am used to the scraps of life,asContinue reading “The Late Hour”

The Bisexual Girl You See in Movies is Truly Bisexual and Nothing Else

By Halle Preneta The bi girl you see in movies is truly bisexual. She isn’t straight. She isn’t gay. She’s bisexual. Period. End of story. She finds the guy  in the back of the classroom with trimmed short brown hair that swoops over this forehead  and that sly smile he gets when one of hisContinue reading “The Bisexual Girl You See in Movies is Truly Bisexual and Nothing Else”

Double Dare

By Jen Pendragon CW: cigarette use “I double dare you”. When she said it, she crossed her arms, because this wasn’t a question or even an idea. It was a command. She stood her ground, like this was her new spot and she wouldn’t be able to move until the challenge was complete. I rolledContinue reading “Double Dare”

Call Me Pretty

By Mary Maeve McGeorge TW: The following piece contains stalking and assault imagery that may be triggering. I shouldn’t have been walking alone.  It was my first night, and the promise of endless possibilities shone brightly on the tiny foreign town. Snow fell between the hazy glimmer of the twinkling lampposts, a stark difference betweenContinue reading “Call Me Pretty”

The Almanac

By Kaitlynn McShea Grandma Frenchy set the teakettle on her small stove. Everything about the apartment was small: the ceiling, the hallway, the rooms, the counters. It was small because it was subsidized, and it was subsidized because Grandma Frenchy was dying. Not the quick, painless death her son had acquiesced to, a heart attackContinue reading “The Almanac”

Fly High

2021 Short Story Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner By Sara E. Belanger “He needs a heart transplant.” Those were the only words Josephine heard. Tears stung her eyes as she peered through glass windows at her son, Simon. His chocolate hair grew uneven and choppy as a stark reminder that she had tried to cutContinue reading “Fly High”

The Truth about Resurrection Mary

An urban legend retelling inspired by “Resurrection Mary.“ CHICAGO— It was a rainy night when Matthew Fisher, 32, saw a woman walking alone on the side of the road. “It was like three in the morning,” Fisher stated. He is a quiet, unassuming man with a military style haircut, dressed simply in jeans and aContinue reading “The Truth about Resurrection Mary”