The Gravitated

By Dr. Manjusha Hari

This gray destitution is colouring

the cord of my spine. 

The fearing solitude is the chime of

my rapturous soul.

My sea is relaxing in the shore;

and I’m..

I’m longing to plunge

in his hidden trench of love!

He is not drained yet; So my thirst too.

The years….

The years between us is burning

and the it lights my nights!

The starting from every end

and the hated silences enthralling

the charm of my days. 

You know, I’m that lonely sorceress

from the vale of myths. 

I’m the monument of your soullessness!

Recall me, again n again;

spoil the eyes of my prophecy and strip off the shale of my nudity.

Encage me, in the pits of your raveness and wait, for the solstice!

The song of solitude still entwining

in my spine.

It will be, till we share the luscious hours

of a day ! Then i will be the fugacious isle, whirled with the sea of your manhood.

The shells, the sand, the cracked masts, aimless oar…

Come to my shoreline and return! 

The magnets of my poetry,

the lustful gaze of the metaphors

will bring back you, to me!

I’m that lonely sorceress, from the hell of legends…!

Solace….solace my storms and redeem

my undulated arrogance.

Let the exclaims of my arduous life to fall 

in your rapturous waves! 


Be my destined land,

be my verdurous shade

and be my moat of death !

Learn more about Dr. Hari in her bio on the Featured Authors page.

Published by HLWW Featured Author

Featured Author of the Heartland Society of Women Writers

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